Monday, February 28, 2011

How to search the e-Journal Portal

The Library's e-Journal Portal is the gateway to our online journal subscriptions. Use it whenever you have a reference to a particular journal article, and you want to know if the Library subscribes to the journal, so you can obtain the full text of the article. For example, lets say that you found the following reference in PubMed, and you want to find the full text of the journal article:
If the title of the journal is abbreviated (as they are in PubMed), mouse-over the abbreviation to see the full journal title. This is important because you cannot search the e-Journal Portal using abbreviated journal titles. The full title for this journal is Pathology International. Now search the e-Journal Portal as illustrated below to find out if the Library subscribes to Pathology International:
If the Library has a subscription to the journal, the e-Journal Portal will return a list of the databases in which you can find articles from that journal - sometimes there is more than one source, and different sources will offer different full text coverage, as illustrated below:

If the journal is not available through the e-Journal Portal, you can request a copy of the article you need from the Library's Document Delivery service - there is no cost to you for this service.