Thursday, March 1, 2012

EndNote & journal titles - sometimes you need abbreviated journal titles and sometimes you don't!

Journal titles can be problematic for EndNote users in biomedical and health sciences  - some publications want reference lists to use full journal titles, while others require abbreviated journal titles .

In a nutshell, you can get around this problem by doing the following:
  1. If you already have an EndNote library, delete all the terms in your existing journals term list in your EndNote library (if you're starting from scratch with a new EndNote library, this step won't be necessary)
  2. Import the medical journals terms list created by the University of Queensland Library into your EndNote library - this list contains both full journal titles and abbreviated journal titles for over 10 000 journals in biomedicine and health sciences
  3. Check the EndNote output style you're using and edit it to specify whether you need it to use the full journal title or the abbreviated journal title
For more detailed information and full instructions on how to do these 3 things, the University of Queensland Library have an excellent helpsheet on this topic, which is available here .