Monday, May 20, 2013

Improved access to Trip database

Many of you in the Health Sciences and Medicine will be familiar with the Trip database; it's a freely available clinical search engine for finding evidence to support practice/care.

Recently Trip announced some improvements to the way they link to the full-text of primary research articles, and the library has now set this up so it will work for Bond staff/students.

You need to have a free Trip account for this to work, so if you haven't already, click 'Sign up' on the top right. When creating your free account make sure you select Bond University as your institution.

If you already have a Trip account, log in and click Settings in the top right, and then select Bond University under Your Institutions.

And that's it! From now on when you're searching Trip, make sure you log in, and certain results (primary research articles) will have a Bond.Au full-text link as follows:


That Bond.Au link will give you the access that Bond has paid for, so if our subscriptions cover it, you'll go straight to the full text. Any questions or problems please get in touch!