Thursday, June 6, 2013

Try DynaMed until 14 July

The library has currently arranged trial access to DynaMed, so you can get full access until 14 July. This resource will be of particular interest to medical students and staff.

DynaMed is a point-of-care tool, intended to provide evidence-based answers to clinical questions quickly and easily (similar to UpToDate, BMJ Best Practice, eTG Complete and many others). More information about DynaMed is available on their website.

Access DynaMed here (or you can search the Bond website for 'trials' to find it).

The library is currently considering whether DynaMed might be a useful option for Bond. Your feedback is very welcome, just send me an email.

This video will tell you nothing at all about DynaMed, but it's highly amusing (it does go on a bit long though). There's obviously some creative types in the Uni of Calgary medicine program: